The Studio

Drew has a state-of-the-art recording studio which is perfect for soloists and duos to cut a demo, get some voice over work done, have Drew arrange music for you, and more!  The studio features:

  • Logic Pro Recording System
  • Full synth based instrumentation include Kontakt 5 Complete and more
  • 88-key fully weighted keyboard controller
  • Yamaha Digital drum kit
  • Lion 6 guitar effects unit
  • MiniKorgXL sampler unit with vocoder
  • 10 Track USB mixing station
  • Yamaha studio monitors with M-Audio sub bass unit
  • Acoustic and electric guitars
  • Various percussion instruments
  • Various vocal microphones and headphones
  • LP, Cassette, MiniDisc, VHS, CD and DVD players

If you would like to book some studio time, call 03 9010 5554 and leave a message!  Drew will be in touch shortly after to confirm your time and talk more about the job you'd like done.

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