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Type: One Act. Script with Songs

Age: Upper Primary

Casting: 5 Leads, Ensemble with speaking roles

1. Prologue/Use Your Imagination
2. Heaven In My Dreams
3. Best Of Buddies
4. If You Want To Be A Star
5. What Can We Do (To Cheer Her Up)
6. Cry Wolf
7. Lullaby
8. Trust Me
9. In My World
10 Finale: Megamix

Running Time: 45 mins.

Download: Toys Song Mix

Tamara is a little girl who has the best friends in the world, her toys. Through thick and thin, they are always there for her. 

Thereʼs Thompson the wise bear, Hoppkins the star- struck rabbit, Mi-Anna the angel, Camile the clown, and more! 

However this time, the toys have a mission: to cheer Tamara up. You see, she seems to be down a little bit lately, and the toys are determined to put a smile on her face! 

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