Once Upon A Fairytale Crisis

Once Upon A Fairytale Crisis New Poster Design


Type: Two Acts. Script with Songs

Age: Upper Primary

Casting: 4 Leads, Large Ensemble

1. Prologue
2. I Hate Being Bored
3. Superseded
4. Welcome To Your Dreams
5. It's A Sad Way To Be
6. Let's Celebrate
7. The Writing's On The Wall
8. I Want To Rule The World
9. You Can't Hide From Me
10. Everything's Gonna Be Alright
11. We Got It

12. Nobody Believe In Them Again
13. Nobody Believes In You
14. I Guess This Is Goodbye
15.  Once Upon A Time
16. Forever Believe

Running Time: 75 mins.

Download: OUAFC Song Mix

Two children are playing a computer game (Prologue) ... Thunder is rolling overhead and the kids are locked in a titanic struggle to win the game.  Suddenly, lightning hits and there's a blackout.  The power comes back on but all electrical goods are totally fried.  The kids quickly get bored (I Hate Being Bored). Mum suggests that they read a book.  A book?  You can't be serious! The mum gives them a book of fairy tales and tells them that they might learn something. The kids don't believe it – (Superseded), but mum insists.  Suddenly there's another blackout – and this time its permanent.  The book begins to glow and the two kids open it.  There's a flash of blinding light – then ... 

The two kids find themselves in a strange world – lots of colours, odd looking buildings, a bit Dr. Seuss type, but with a large shoe in the distance, an inn to the side, and a few other buildings.  There's no one around.  They begin to call out, and suddenly the Fairy Princess appears. She welcomes them (Welcome to Your Dreams), and they are met by a variety of fairy tale creatures. The kids order her to send them home immediately – that they've been kidnapped – but the Fairy Princess says that they've been chosen for a quest. One that only they can do.  You see, there is a great plague spreading across the land and many bad things are occurring (It's a Sad Way To Be). There's unemployment, sadness, disappearances, and even the other “D” word  (i.e. “death” - although it's never said) The kids must help them beat the plague. The two kids huddle together and decide that this is their only way out – so they've got no choice. They agree to help them with their problem.  There is a cheer from the crowd (Let's Celebrate) and the Fairytale Princess takes them to her home. 

The kids enter the Princess' home and sit at her table.  She hands them a scroll that has been sent to her.  The kids ask what it is, and the Princess opens it for them.  She says that she can't understand what it's meant to be – there are scribbles all over the page.  She hands it back to them, and the kids realise that it's writing. She asks if they can read it, and they try  ... but not very successfully. The Princess says she can help and casts a spell which makes their brains work better.  Suddenly it all becomes clear – and it's a warning poem (The Writing's On The Wall).  The kids ask who it's from, and the Princess has no choice but answer...

We meet Dr Tekko (I Want To Rule The World), who is scheming with his minions. He has a direct cable feed from the human world as well as Fairytale Land. There is a big map above him and we see that it is beginning to cover some serious land – the areas where Fairy tale creatures no longer exist.  We discover that he is creating cheap computer games, internet sites, TV shows, and more. They are designed to stop children reading the fairy tales and in the process forget that they exist and effectively eliminate them.  Suddenly there's an alert and Mr Ekko turns on his viewer to see the two children and the Fairytale Princess.  He's not happy with this and sends his three top henchmen to see what's going on (You Can't Hide From Me)

The kids and the Princess go back into the town where they find all the creatures lined up doing nothing – and looking very sad indeed.  The Fairy Princess asks what is wrong and we discover that everyone has lost their jobs.  Things are getting worse.  Suddenly one of them begins to cry out!  All the creatures gather around when Poof! The creature disappears. All the creatures turn to the kids and tell them they have to help.  The kids tell them that (Everything's Gonna Be Alright).  The Fairy Princess hands them more scrolls and tells them that they need to read through them – maybe there's something in them that will help.  She leaves.  

The three henchmen enter whistling their song to themselves.  Their personal connectors ring and Dr Tekko tells them to get the scrolls.  The henchmen walk over and introduce themselves to the kids.  They notice the scrolls and try to coerce the kids to hand them over.  Then they offer them the latest technology, the latest games (We Got It).  The kids pass over the scrolls and are given nothing but junk.  The henchmen flee and a dark rumble echoes across the land – there are screams – and the children suddenly realise they've made a huge mistake.

Back at Dr Tekko's lair, the henchmen hand over the scrolls to Dr Tekko ... He begins to reveal his Final Plan – to conquer the land and bring to an end the History of the Fairy Tales – their stories, their dreams, and their lives. (Nobody Believes In Them Anymore) He gathers his henchmen and they head off to the fairytale land to face the Fairytale Queen and her subjects.

The kids face the Fairytale queen and tell her what has happened ... and all the creatures are gathered as well and can't believe it.  She is saddened, and tells her friends I Guess This Is Good Bye. Dr Tekko enters with his henchmen and says this is definitely the end. He takes the scrolls and begins to tear them apart.  Slowly, the fairytale creatures are affects their their “History” is torn apart.  (Nobody Believes In You Anymore – Reprise). The kids see the creatures dying and wonder what they can do.  It dawns on them that if they begin to retell the stories – the histories – just like their mum told them when they were small, then it would save the fairytale creatures.  They begin to cry out “Once Upon A Time...” and tell the stories of Goldilocks, the Three Pigs, Hansel and Gretel, Cinderella.  As the song is sung, the creatures begin to come back to life until they are standing, and Dr Tekko and his henchmen are lost.  Dr Tekko theatrens that he'll be back, but the fairy tale creatures make his disappear by saying “We don't believe in you anymore!” Everyone congratulates the kids and the Fairy Princess offers them whatever reward they want.  The kids decide that they just want to go home...

Wish granted!

The kids find them back at home, with the open book at their feet.  They look at each other, look back to the book, and turn the page to begin to read.  As the finale begins, all the creatures from the book move onstage (Forever Believe).

© Drew Lane 2018