Galactic Idol

Galactic Idol Poster web version.jpeg


Type: Two Acts. Script with Songs

Age: Upper Primary, Lower Secondary

Casting: 4 Lead Roles, 6 Supporting Cast, Ensemble with speaking roles.

1. Galactic Idol
2. We Are The Starship Superstar
3. I Am The Man
4. Starry Starry Night
5. Get Up Get Down
6. Just A Moment
7. Ride Above The Night
8. Tabitha's Practice
9. I'm Gonna Fly
10. All Mine

11. Adore You
12. Stay Out Of The Way
13. Stay Out of My Way
14. Not On My Watch
15. You Don't Know Me
16. The Idol Medley
17. The Fight
18. Today Is The Day

Running Time: 75 mins.

The search is on for the one true Galactic Idol! The SS Superstar, led by Captain Firestorm, is journeying from star to star to find the best singers of all time, along with her trusted crew and her young cousin Tabitha.

However, Firestorm is dubious as to Peter Simmonsʼ (the producer of Galactic Idol) motives for creating the show. Her fears are soon realised as the idol finalists start to disappear, and Simmonsʼ lies are exposed. All this is played out in front of a live intergalactic audience, who are getting more than they bargained for! 

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