The Gods Of Atlantis



Type: Two Acts. Through-sung

Age: Adults

Casting: 4 Leads, 4 Supporting, Large Ensemble

1. Prologue/Golden Land
2. No Friend Of Mine
3. Homeland Dreaming
4. High Society
5. Ceremony
6. Kings And Princes
7. Like Father Like Son
8. Have You Ever
9. Don't Wanna Play
10. Idle Talk
11. Pallas Athene
12. My Promise
13. What To Do For Love
14. There Is A Woman
15. Confessions
16. Powers Of The Earth

17. Heart And Soul
18. Tell Her Truly
19. The Battle
20. Victory (Bittersweet)
21. Only One Life
22. Rebellious Brother
23. Atlantis No More
24. I Wish
25. Can We Start Again?

Running Time: 85 mins.

Download: Atlantis Song Mix

Watch: Act One, Act Two

Zeus calls forth the gods, one to be awarded the the island of Atlantis. Poseidon, god of the sea, is given the island, but Athena (goddess of war) vows vengeance.

On Atlantis, Posiedon watches over his people, but he longs for more power. He chooses a mortal woman, Cleito, to bear ten children. Poseidon crowns his eldest, Tyreni, future king.

Alone, Tyreni knows that he is not like his father. He longs for something more, and remembers a time when, as a child, he made a wish to the goddess Aphrodite. A beautiful woman enters, and they fall in love; but as they kiss, they realize who each other are; she is Athena and he the son of her enemy. They vow that they will one day be together. Athena leaves and Tyreni is torn between his new love and his family. Cleito finds him and Tyreni confesses all that has happened.

Cleito returns to Poseidon and tells him that his eldest son has betrayed him. Poseidon disowns his son and declares war on Athena.

Tyreni calls on Aphrodite to help him. She goes to Athena, warning her of impending battle. Both sides rally their armies and a war ensures. Athena is victorious and forces Poseidon off her homeland. Zeus meets Athena but declares that Atlantis must be destroyed, including Tyreni. Athena argues, but Zeus is adamant.

On Atlantis, Zeus confronts Poseidon and murder him, calling on all his power to destroy Atlantis. Athena runs on to save Tyreni, but is stopped by Zeus, who then kills Tyreni and sends Athena back to her homeland.

There, Athena calls on Aphrodite for help, but is unable to receive her most desired wish. As the ghosts of the lost souls appear around her, Athena cries out "Can we start again?" 

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